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All About ISCC and Union Database (UDB)

Lets talk about ISCC and UDB (again).

However first, let us inform you about UDB. The Union Database (UDB) is a platform developed and managed by the European

Commission. Required in the RED II 2018/2001 (Article 28) and mentioned in the Implementing Regulation EU 2022/996 (Article 18). This platform foresees the tracing of all transactions throughout the supply chain of biofuels, covering all liquid & gaseous transport fuels (excluding solid Biomass fuels). This is how UDB looks like.

ℹ ISCC inform from this week ISCC SEA Stakeholder Meeting “ISCC is in the process of onboarding its system users. Currently we have almost 50% active Economic Operators (EOs) in the UDB.”

✅ By July 2023, ISCC has 9000+ EOs with valid certificates (ISCC EU, PLUS, CORSIA)

This imply ISCC had several thousand still to onboard

📅Economic Operator is mandatory to onboard before 1 January 2024, if not, that economic operator's certification will be suspended by the voluntary scheme ( let us know if you find issues on UDB onboarding, our email )

What we know is in UDB, transactions must be registered within 72 hours of traded date/shipment.

🖥 ISCC has 3 IT system tool currently in developing, “ISCC Hub” “ISCC Transaction Database” “ISCC Mobile App”.

ISCC Transaction Database will connect to UDB directly

♻ UDB is fantastic solution if properly executed (imagine UDB global mass balance to provide insight on biofuel industry and all feedstock pool traceability & potential).


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